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~~The following information outlines practical and expedient steps to decline the risk of being burgled:

•Join to Neighbourhood Support Group in your area, and advertise the fact by displaying Neighbourhood Support signs and stickers.

• You should ensure that windows and other entry and exit points from your house have viable quality, effective catches and locks - deadlocks if possible..

• Always lock doors and windows at night, if you're out in the garden or going out or away. Don't leave a door key hidden outside - burglars know all the places to look.

• Keep garden sheds and garages secure and lock away tools and ladders.

• Have an alarm system professionally installed and consider having it monitored by a reputable security company, like us of course!

• sensor lights on access paths or around main external doors should be installed.

• Installation of 'peep-hole' in a front door assist you to be aware who's visiting you.

• Get to know your neighbours and develop plans to deal with problems or suspicious activity. Exchanging phone numbers or emergency contact details is a good start.

• If you're going away, neighbours can collect your mail or newspaper and make your place look occupied; for example - turning on lights, parking a vehicle in your driveway, hanging washing on your line or mowing lawns.

• Mark valuable property with serial numbers and keep a record of these numbers..